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I have been designing a new collection for the past few weeks.  The design process had a curly route, from Akali Turbans to rifles to Bullet Holes  to Anti-Hunting to Rabbits with Bullet holes in them ————————–to JUST BUNNIES.  LOVELY, CUTE, FLUFFY, SWEET, FUNNY BUNNIES.

Yes, I am strongly anti-hunting, but the work that I was designing was just not provoking debate about the subject, it was too weak to make people ask questions.  I decided that in order to make it stronger, evocative and challenging would actually take too much out of ME emotionally.  It is just too sad for me to work with images of pain and suffering.  I was really enjoying working with the rabbit form and so have decided to go in that direction for now.  Maybe, for my next work, I will go more abstract and produce a larger, more provocative design.

Here you can see the bronze castings of the rifles.  They came out so well, amazing!  I don’t think I will be using them at the moment, but who knows.

This was one of the first maquettes.  As you can see, I am using the first word of the novel that the animal came from, as the form for the design.  I aim to work with pigs, dogs, horses, wolves, etc etc and text or just letters from the literature they are characters in.This is a model from the BULLET HOLE IN RABBIT idea.  The bullet hole was copied directly from the targets given to me at Bisley Shooting Range.  The hole remained the same throughout the piece, but the rabbit shrunk in shape.  I do like this, but as I said, it does not really shout ANTI-HUNTING.

This is a much more simple piece and yet it is my favourite so far!   I always feel the need to put more stuff on a piece, as a testimony to all the hard work I put into a piece.  The embellishments don’t always add to the piece though, so I need to work on this design flaw that I seem to suffer with.

I haven’t had time for any visits this week, but I have signed up with the V&A library which has a huge collection of Children’s Literature.  That is going to be my next design visit.