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Scooted up to the London Museum today, in the hope that there would be a good section on London in World War II.  I was hoping to get close up views of guns, bombs etc – but was not lucky.  The London Museum is a great museum, I have taken groups of Primary School children there when I was teaching and they love it.  It does concentrate on early history, Roman, Anglo-Saxon, although it now runs through the whole history of London.  There was a wonderful Victorian shopping square and a great section on Modern London.  The  Second World War though, was probably the least covered era!  There was a good “Vote for Women” display, with lots of purple, white and green artefacts.

There was some great 60s and 70s objects – stuff that I used to have, which took me back to my teen years but at the same time made me feel old!

I had the “Mary Quant” makeup crayons and the eyeshadow, displayed in the Museum.  I loved those crayons, I thought they were really cool and used them all the time.  Those of you who grew up in the purple hazy days of the 70s will also have very fond memories of BIBA.  Just seeing the black and gold logo in the museum made me remember this lovely little mauve number with sweetheart neckline and leg of mutton sleeves, that swept Midi length towards my platform shoes.  I made a special trip from Lancashire to London just to go to the big Biba shop.

To end with a very different sort of image.  Here is a crucifixion painting by Ronnie Kray, painted whilst he was in Parkhurst Prison in 1972.  The Kray twins were notorious London East End criminal names, so I suppose they are part of the rich, diverse history of the City of London.