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I have been very busy working with and exploring the truncated cone shape this week.  After talking to my tutor I have thought much more deeply about my area of interest.  The Alkali Turban did lead me to think about modern-day weapons and that then set me thinking about guns and rifles.  I got hold of a teeny tiny plastic toy riffle and have cast this micro-gun in bronze.  I made a rubber mould, and then lots of wax models from the mould.  Then I made a wax tree and set the tree into a flask so that a plaster mould could be made.  Then the bronze metal will be poured into the plaster mould and hopefully LOTS OF LITTLE BRONZE RIFLES will be produced.

The key to a successful wax tree is NOT TO KNOCK more wax models off the tree than you put on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The mould is made.

Ok – the first picture was Lorraine’s flask – my flask is the second one.  YES, THE ONE WHERE THE PLASTER LEAKED FROM THE BOTTOM – ALL OVER THE FLOOR, TABLE, ETC!!!!  It wasn’t my fault – honest guv- the rubber sleeve did not fit properly.  Dan, the technician rescued the whole situation in his calm, patient manner and after we had cleaned the mess up, he managed to replace the lost plaster and SAVE ALL THE WORK I HAD DONE CASTING THE TEENY TINY RIFFLES.  Thanks Dan!

It takes a few days for the process to be completed, with lots of waiting time.  So I have spent the time thinking how I could use these little bronze rifles.  I have had a brilliant idea but I will not divulge this just yet, because I want to make sure it really IS a brilliant idea before I let it out into the atmosphere!.

Wax tree in the flask BEFORE we put the rubber sleeve over the flask and poured the plaster mixture in (and onto the floor!).  The plaster is poured under a vacuum condition to get any air bubbles out of the mixture and then the wax is burnt out of the plaster in a slow kiln.

This has not been the MOST EXCITING POST ever written.  Sorry about that – but it really has been a very technical week.  I am going on a trip tomorrow, which has something to do with my idea, so hopefully will be able to tell you more soon.