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Been to uni today and have had the first discussion about my dissertation.  I think that I should have been an octopus then I could have written my dissertation with one arm, hammered metal with another, drawn in my sketchbook with another, written notes for the Business Studies module with another, typed this blog with another ………. yep you get the picture – I have too much to do and not enough arms.  (I mean time!)

Slightly bad news when I got home too – the course in chasing and repousse  at West Dean College, that I have been going on and on and on and on and on about – has been cancelled because there were only two people enrolled on it.  So big boo hoo!!!  I am being positive and not having a mini-melt down, I will just have to try and teach myself as much as possible!  So it’s the stupid teaching the stupid!!  Me teaching me!

I could collapse in a puddle at this time – but no – never mind that I have decided to ditch all the research and drawing that I spent three months over the summer working really hard at, or the fact that the course has been cancelled, or that I don’t really know what I am doing my dissertation on.  EVERYTHING IS FINE – EVERYTHING IS FINE – THINGEVERY IS FINE – FINE THING EVERY.

I think I am going to be going down the BIOMORPHIC route in my design work.  So I have gone from Zoomorphic to Biomorphic.  I obviously like things that morph!!