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Went to Bicester Shopping Village yesterday.  From a jewellery and fashion point of view it is great to see what the high-end names are creating for the coming season.  Unfortunately, from a buyer’s point of view the expensive goods are still mega-expensive even with huge discounts.  The only thing that I would have sold my grandmother for was a beautiful Vivienne Westwood coat.  It would have really suited me and would have lasted for years, been quirky but classic.  Still, how many coats does a person really need?  (I need that coat!)

I am treading water with my metal work because until I go to the course at West Dean, I can’t really make anything.  I have also designed myself silly over the summer, so have run out of designing steam.  I want to see what the chasing and repousse technique can do now, and then start designing again with that in mind.

So to keep me motivated in the CREATIVE LULL I am reading everyone else’s blogs.  Yes – I will probably be reading yours tonight!  I get so much info and inspiration from the creativity of others who are kind enough to share what they are doing in a blog.