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Oh no, Curly Tail Animals has come down with the big sneezes.  Yes, it is that time of year again!  The post-summer (yes, what summer you ask?) bad cold.  Great holiday, big rest and then prepare yourself for the new year ahead.  Get going, start university, college, work again – totally ready to use this newly gained energy and enthusiasm to create something great and what happens ….. Yep YOU and all your colleagues get floored by the most violent and debilitating COLD.  All your good plans, aims and promises down the pan almost before they even got started.

So, yes, I look like a female version of the “man with cold” above!

It is such a shame because I was beginning to make progress with the Chasing and Repousse.   I was trying to make a CURLY TAIL ANIMAL out of the technique – so am feeling a bit annoyed that I feel too ill to carry on at the moment.

Anyway, CURLY TAIL ANIMALS are going to snuggle up in front of the TV with a hot water bottle and a box of tissues, ( plus a bag of sweets! )  Hope I can get back to the design work tomorrow because I have a lot to do before Monday.