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Left it a bit late tonight to write a new Post so it will be very short and very sweet (like me!)  I had to buy a new computer external hard drive today.  I have sorted through all the photographs stored on my computer today and found that I had so many that they filled up my laptop’s hard drive.   I think I am a PHOTOGRAPH HOARDER.  Like those people, who when they die and the police break into their house, are found buried in a tunnel of old newspapers and cereal boxes.  That’s me , but in a virtual, iphoto world.  My laptop has been killed by a tunnel of old photographs.  In the end  it was very useful going through them, because long forgotten images suddenly took on  a new light, viewed again from the angle of chasing and repousse.  Also, as hard as it was I realised that lots of images could now be ditched because they were not inspirational for this sort of work.

I got rid of this rusty screw photo – so thought I would give it a last outing and then a decent burial on my  CURL TAIL ANIMALS post.  R.I.P. rubbish photograph.