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Fresh from my excitement at being the new owner and protector of the wonderful chasing and repousse tools I decided that I would honour them further by making a special TOOL ROLL to keep them in.

I found a great page called “How to Make a Tool Roll” on the web, from the website http://www.members.tripod.com/TheCarvingBench. I think it was a woodworking site from Virginia, USA.  I get lots of American based information, because the good folk from the USA seem to value their traditional crafts more than we do here (well, I think they do!). The site says that traditionally  the tool rolls were made of GREEN BAIZE, but burlap or CANVAS would do just as well.

I went to John Lewis’s to see if, by some slim chance, they sold BAIZE.  Of course they do – good old John Lewis!!  I don’t know if we in the UK traditionally kept our tools in a roll of GREEN BAIZE, or whether it was just American craftspeople, but at least I am following in some craft tradition, somewhere!!!!  Now I am not the sort of girl who whips out her sewing machine at the drop of a pin, but I want to keep these wonderful tools in good condition, highly polished.

The pattern seemed to require a whole load of pins and a mathematical brain to resize the tool roll plan to fit my tools.

There was also lots of bitty machine sewing.

Amazingly I managed to actually make it – (you have no idea how amazing that really is because I have never been the best sew-person in the world!)

Isn’t it great, all these wonderful jeweller’s tools, now with their new, proud owner (me) and nestled snugly in their protective TOOL ROLL.  Now just got to use them!  CURLY TAIL ANIMALS JUST WAITING TO BE MADE!