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Another “quickie” I’m afraid.  Things will get more interesting again from the weekend.  I am just on the verge of starting University again (tomorrow – yippee!) and so am busy getting the house in order, washing done etc so that I can at least start uni ahead of all the chores.  That will only last for about a week, of course, and then it will be me chasing my domestic tail for the whole academic year!!

My pitch bowl and stand arrived yesterday.  Here they stand, proud, but empty on my kitchen table.  The red pitch that I am going to use has to be ordered from Germany, it is not sold in the UK, so I am waiting for it to make its way across Europe to my house.

While awaiting the red pitch to board its plane, train or automobile I thought I would read some more books about MetalSmithing. I got this fantastic book out of the uni library called “GOLDSMITH’S ART’ by Hermann Schadt.  Not only does it look at gold pieces throughout a historical timeline but the most interesting aspect for me is that he explains the technical process that the makers working in those ancient and not so ancient civilisations used.  It is fascinating to read the complicated processes that the workmen from all those years ago discovered and used to make their intricate pieces of gold ware.  Even more fascinating is the fact that the processes have changed so little throughout civilisation’s progression to today.  Amazing.

The book shows an example of a small gold pendant from Etruria, 600 – 500 BC, which is so beautifully made, with delicate and fine granulation decoration.  The über cool aspect of this object is that it is just 4cm in height. and 3.5cm wide.  Teeny tiny piece of gold work, made with precision, craftsmanship and artistic integrity.   HOW DID THEY DO THAT?  I could barely make a round ball of plasticine that small!!!!!!

The pendant is from the Louvre in Paris and the photograph is from Hermann Schadt’s brilliant book – which is a must read for metalsmiths or anyone who is remotely interested in jewellery and GOLD.  LOTS OF GOLD THINGS TO GOGGLE AT AND WANT!