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I decided today that I would get all my sundry things ready for college.  My toolbox is all nice and tidy, but I needed to get stuff like eye mask, ear plugs, leather apron together again.  So, I found my eye goggles, ear protectors but no leather apron.  Now, this apron is big.  Thick suede leather that goes down to my ankles.  We wear it in the workshops to protect ourselves from heat, chemicals etc and so that we can take it off when we go out of the workshops and then we don’t transfer anything nasty to people sitting at the café table with us!   It was nowhere to be found.  So I decided to drive into UCA Farnham, to see if I had left it in my locker.  There is was!!!

I then went to the library to get some books out for the dissertation.  I have made great progress with that today and know what sort of area that I would like to write about.  The library, picture at the top of the post taken from UCA website, is a FANTASTIC library for the creative arts.  I could spend all day, everyday reading all the books.  Textiles, Art, Film, Ceramics, Silversmithing, Glass, Product Design, Design, – and a whole lot more.  Every design, art magazine you could ever want to read.  It is really amazing.

Anyway going back to UCA

has made me soooooooooooo incredibly excited.  It is such an inspirational space.  My mind went back to the end of last term when we had to organise and run an exhibition of our own work.  It was hard work, being the curators of an exhibition, but really rewarding and informative.

It was a boiling hot evening and when the opening talk was being given, photo above, I was trekking down to the local supermarket to get bottles of elderflower cordial to give to our guests to cool them down.  The exhibition was a great success.

Just one of the pieces I exhibited in the exhibition.  Not really typical of my work, but it was made to fit into the exhibition concept which was Emerging.

Well, must go now.  Lots of reading to do.

CONFESSION TIME – after promising to take my camera into college with me everyday, I managed to FORGET TO TAKE IT IN ON THE VERY FIRST DAY I GO BACK IN!!!!   Must remember to remember.