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I have just watched a Big Brother programme on Channel 5*.  I am having difficulty finding out when, where the original TV programmes are being shown.  In fact the information about this Big Brother series is very sketchy indeed.  The official website is really poor and like everyone else I really think that the only way that the series will be successful is to have live feed.  There is no point in being told by the BB Website what is happening in the house if we can’t go online to watch.  A one hour programme every night shows nothing really does it.

I don’t think that I will get enough information out of a one hour show to write  about Big Brother in this blog.  So I will sign off now and wait until CHANNEL 5 get their act together and get LIVE FEED.  Then there will be something to write about.  CHECK BACK TO THIS SITE IF LIVE FEED HAPPENS.

Sorry about lack of Design work today.  Getting things ready for College.