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My chasing and repousse tools arrived this morning from the USA.  Very exciting indeed.  Of course I couldn’t resist having just a little go with them.  Just a teeny weeny little go as you can see!  Then I very carefully put them away until I can set up all the proper equipment at college.  Hopefully that will be in one weeks time.

Usually you fix the piece of metal, in this case copper, into a heavy bowl of a tar/pitch type material.  Then you hammer various shaped tools onto the metal to create a pattern.  I just used my sandbag, above, for this little trial, so was pleased with these quick results.

I am very busy getting everything ready for college (oh good, another excuse for not designing to add to my ever-growing list!).  I did drive to the library at the University for the Creative Arts at Farnham to look at books for the dissertation I have to complete this year.  It is very difficult to decide what on earth to write about and I came away with a handful of books vaguely about culture and enterprise!

Just to prove that I have done a bit of design work today I have included the sketch I was working on today.  This curly animal is going to be 2D and primitive in design, with the appearance of  the animals below.As I said – JUST THE FIRST SKETCH

Right I must go and at least pretend to start reading all the books I got from the library.  Every time I start reading them I get all sleepy and fall asleep.  They are very interesting but they are written in such BORING language!