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Calling all you amazing product designers out there.  Please can you invent UNIVERSAL LEADS for all our electronic products or electronic products that all have the same leads.  Just look at my drawer of LEADS.  They are for our iPods, iPads, various cameras, various phones etc etc.  Everytime I have to recharge something or download images from cameras, I have to search through our drawer of leads before I can begin.  So start designing!

This morning I reviewed my sketchbook.  It is great to look back at earlier designs because I can see them with new, fresh eyes.   Some of my older designs I now think might work well as pieces of jewellery.  All this work during the summer has enabled me to review my work with

  • more design experience
  • greater research knowledge
  • ideas about which techniques I am going to use to make the object with

I seem to start my CURLY TAIL ANIMAL design work by drawing images consisting of a head and tail overlapping and then creating a space in the design where the two areas overlap.  There is something about this design direction that I like.  I need to understand what it is about this design that I like.

This design could still have chased and repoussed elements.  It also includes piercing which I love.
These designs could range from simple and minimalist to highly decorative.