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A great big jeweller’s Big Up for a very innovative and successful jeweller called ANNINA VOGEL.  She is fascinated by antique gold charms and Victorian gold jewellery.  Her website says that she has been collecting these gold charms since she was eight.  Her mission is to counteract the current vogue for selling and melting down old gold pieces of jewellery for its gold value.  She does this by reworking  old pieces of ornamentation into more contemporary, coveted pieces.  Look at her website – her designs, are not only admirable (saving our jewellery history) but also amazingly beautiful.  Amongst the stockists of Annina’s work is the website NET-A PORTER which is where I got the following image of Annina’s jewellery.
AT LAST I am finally drawing.  Only at the beginning sketchy stage – but it is a start.

I am thinking about turning the head to face the tail, instead of away from the tail.  This gives the piece a “circular” appearance which might be a more fluid design, than my earlier ones.  Am thinking also about “feet” so that the piece could stand up like a miniature sculpture.  These feet though, break the simplicity of the circular design.  I am also playing with moving details, small gold, handmade beads going through the tail in the above design.  These beads would rattle and jangle.  Yet again, this adds an additional decorative  feature to the piece and I will have to be careful not to OVER ORNAMENT the design, because I am going to pattern the pendant body with repousse.  I don’t want icing over the icing do I?

The next photograph is a CURLY TAIL ANIMAL with dangling legs.  Also the tail is tipped with a non-circular design.  I am not sure that the dangling legs add anything to the design apart from HUMOUR!  They also make the piece look realist in nature, which is not my idea at all.  So I don’t think that I will be adding dangling legs from my pieces.

The above elephant head is taken from a design of a piece in the Wallace Collection.  I love this head (and even the pole that it sits on)  I will be using this elephant head in my designs that’s for certain.  (Well, nothing is for certain!) (But if I can!).