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Late post tonight because I have been to see the Wednesday eviction from the Celebrity Big Brother House, in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire.  I have been a Big Brother fan since it started and was really pleased to get a ticket to see the show being filmed.  Firstly, the area where the people go into the house and then get evicted is WAY smaller than I thought it was going to be and the audience is also WAY smaller than it looks on tv.  I was standing right next to the stairs and could have seen right up Pam’s skirt if I had not averted my eyes.  She was so much prettier in real life than she looked on TV – which surprised me.  Brian Dowling whom I am a big big fan of,( I thought he was a great choice to replace Davina,) was a massive sweetee.  He too, was way more handsome in real life than on TV, he is very good looking indeed.  He was also lovely  and friendly to us, the audience.  That was nice to see.

SORRY I could not think how to tie up my trip to see BigBrother with design or illustration.

Photographs were not allowed which is a shame, still, it can all be seen on TV.  Ah well, this Big Brother fan can go to bed happy, having had her first ever visit to the Big Brother House.

Back to CURLY TAILS tomorrow.  Honestly!