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Yes I am being driven barking mad by ROCOCO!  After my visit to the Wallace Collection I decided to see which venue in London would give me the best examples of Rococo ornamentation.  Lo and behold the WALLACE COLLECTION was the best source of Rococo decoration in London.  So I am going to go back for another visit asap!

Rococo (according to Wikipedia) is an 18th Century decorative style.   It developed from the Baroque style, but was a lighter version, with more CURVES and NATURAL PATTERNS.   The key points (according to V&A website) were

I think my CURLY TAIL ANIMALS are going to be very ROCOCO in design.  I seem to keep on drifting towards the elaborate decorative style and seem to pounce on every scroll and curve that I see in exhibitions, galleries.  I ALSO LOVE ASYMMETRY (I am sure it is my punk rock background that makes me hate regular patterns and symmetry).  So I am going to start a
in the world of jewellery.  The word ROCOCO is great isn’t it.  There is no point in giving an art lesson here, I get all my info from the web and from books anyway!  So today I have worked on another CURLY TAIL ANIMAL. The nights are drawing in very quickly in Surrey, England and unfortunately I did not finish painting my design until the natural light had gone.  Therefore I had to take a picture using artificial light – so it is not as good as it should be.  The design uses silver and gold and pink sapphires.
The interesting thing is because I have started to think about what technique I want to use in this collection I have designed my piece with that in it.  It is a bit annoying really because it means my designs are being focused down too much – so I must try to put it out of my mind that I am going on two chasing and repousse courses.
Anyway – if you don’t know what ROCOCO is – look it up on the web (and then explain to me what is the difference between Baroque style and Rococo style – as far as I can see it is nearly the same!!!).