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Had a day in today – which has given me the opportunity to make a few decisions.  Firstly I have decided that I want to make a collection of jewellery focusing on one specific silversmithing technique, learn that technique, master it and use it in my designs.  I want to be highly skilled in this one silversmithing area.  For those of you who do not know anything about smithing, there are hundreds of techniques to be learnt.  Below is the book that is the bible for us Smiths.

“Jewelry: Concepts And Technology ” (9780385041850): Oppi Untracht.  This book has every silversmith technique explained in a clear and interesting manner.  Silversmiths tend to learn how to do most of the techniques contained within the book but some like to specialise in one or two techniques.  I have decided that I want to specialise in the technique of Chasing and Repousse.

Looking through the books I got on holiday I can see some fantastic examples of this specialised technique.

This book on Pre-Columbian Gold is very inspirational for my work, as the CURLY TAIL PENDANTS actually come from this era and location.  Fantastic gold objects have been unearthed from this area and looking at the craftsmanship that went into making the gold pieces is very illuminating. Also, this book explains in some detail what techniques the ancient craftspeople actually used to make the objects.  So that is very informative indeed.

The book “Treasures in Gold” shows some “out of this world” gold objects, all photographed beautifully.  I have been looking at the repousse and chasing work on the ancient artefacts.

I would thoroughly recommend all the books above if you are interested in jewellery, making or just looking at.  I have done some chasing and repousse before, and it was difficult.  So I have signed myself up for two courses at West Dean College in the UK.  More about that in another post.