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I went into London today to see …


The exhibition is called Time Regained and it shows work from the amazing, unbelievable goldsmith KEVIN COATES.  The exhibition takes place at the Wallace Collection, Manchester Square, London, which contains a mind-blowing display of objects in its own right.  I have taken  more than 100 photographs, each image pertinent to my Curly Tail research.  Maybe I should have gone to the Wallace Collection for my two-week holiday instead of Cornwall and Wales!

Of course no photograph I have taken can do even a tiny amount of justice to Kevin’s work – it needs to be seen in person to be appreciated (and believed!)

 Kevin is deeply interested in music and his work reflects this great love.  He also makes very personal pieces for his wife and friends.  The exhibition is a mixture of personal and public objects, highly narrative and technically brilliant.  Some pieces might seem “over the top” almost grotesque in their beauty.  They are richly decorative and extravagant in nature, made with precious stone and beautiful yellow gold.

I apologise once again for the sad quality of these images.  Museums and light are not the best partners are they?  Anyway, if you are interested in finding out more about Dr Kevin Coates work you can research on the web.  Also, there are books for sale on the Wallace Collection web-site.  If you look at more recent  blog, you will see that I revisited the Museum and also this exhibition.  Please note, that Kevin is selling a fantastic book to accompany the exhibition and I think all the profits from the book are going to a cancer charity.

I am going to sift through the rest of my photographs to try to make sense of all the inspiration gathered today.  That is an important point to remember – you may be A WHIZZ at collecting inspiration but if it sits in a drawer in a dusty cupboard and never sees the light of day then WHAT WAS THE POINT!!!!  The hard work is making the inspiration available and organised so that it can be used in the best way possible.  If anyone has any ideas on how to organise inspiration please send them in.