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A little bit about the V-Fest.  Even at a music festival I can’t switch off from being a designer and metalsmith.  I spent all day staring at the ” young trendy things”  to see what sort of jewellery they were wearing.  Obviously, being a festival, people were not wearing expensive pieces, but girls were still wearing very long chained pendants.  Very hippy like still – but then it was a festival where people were wearing flowers in their hair and hippy chic fashion.   The other metalsmith activity I indulged in was having my photograph taken with the 2012 OLYMPIC TORCH.

I thought I would not post the bit in the image that contained a very bedraggled V FEST MARIE!  So I concentrated on the metal torch.

It has been designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby.  It is 800 mm high and weighs 800g.  The most inspirational aspect of the torch design is that the 8,000 small cut-out circles that you can see in the torch, represents the 8,000 people who are going to carry the torch during its Olympic journey.  Each hole represents not only the physical person, but also their efforts, stories and achievements which have entitled them to be honoured in carrying the Olympic Flame.

The triangular design of the torch body was inspired by

  • Three Olympic Values of respect, excellence and friendship
  • The three times that the UK has hosted the Olympic Games
  • Sport, Education and Culture
This information was taken from the London 2012 homepage.  On this page the Designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby explained
“As designers, this is quite simply the best project going: to design an icon for the Games.  We have worked hard to develop a Torch that celebrates the Relay, and reflects the passion for London and the Olympic Games.  We wanted to make the most of pioneering production technologies and to demonstrate the industrial excellence available in the UK – it’s a Torch for our time”.
As a metalsmith student I was thrilled to be able to actually hold, marvel at  and examine this wonderful piece of metalwork.  As a student at the only University for the Creative Arts in the UK and seeing how hard everyone works during their degree, I do wonder if the skill, talents, imagination and hard work of these students is rewarded and appreciated in this country.  The Arts and Crafts are always the first talents to be hit by funding problems but how intellectually drab our world  would be without the skills of craftsmen to enrich it.