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As you can see from this warning sign – if the inspiration barrier comes down you will end up with a bad headache!  I think that I have gone as far as I can at the moment and I need a BIG INJECTION of inspiration.  I wanted to find my own images of stylised animals and different scroll or curl patterns.  So I decided that a trip to Hampton Court was required again.  Hampton Court Palace is a pot of gold for LION FORMS AND DESIGNS.  Well Henry VIII did fancy himself as a bit of a strong tom cat after all.  No, obviously the lion is a symbol of royalty as well as strength.  The other aspect of jewellery design that I have explored today at Hampton Court was the type of jewellery that the people of Henry’s court were wearing.  It is amazing looking at the portraits displayed at the palace, to see how much jewellery the privileged courtiers wore.

Anyway, the next few days of my posting will show you my images that I have taken from artefacts displayed at Hampton Court Palace, in England.

This is a modern ironwork sculpture of a lion that is on display at Hampton Court Palace.  It is wonderful isn’t it?