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OOPS – just remembered that I forgot!  I took a photo of the rough pewter casting equipment that I used to make the initial CURLY TAIL casting.  BUT I FORGOT TO PUT IT INTO THE POST.  Booby Head!!!!

Anyway here it is now…….

The pewter comes in stick form and I used an ordinary soup ladle to melt it over the stove.  Obviously I know all about metal, so I certainly wouldn’t recommend anyone who doesn’t know about metal to try it at home!!!!

I have also been on the look out for CURLS in EVERYTHING!  It feels so great to be able to focus down my research and inspiration gathering to a more specific subject area.  I must not forget though, that it has taken me at least two months to get to this place.  Anyway, this is my latest CURL photograph, from a squash growing in my veg plot.

This image will certainly be incorporated into my Tail design at some point.