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As I have said previously, the photocopier is my friend.  I use it a lot, especially when playing with the scale of a piece I have drawn.  At the touch of a button, I can see what my design looks like when bigger or smaller, without the chore of drawing it over and over.  I like to photocopy my designs onto thin cardboard and then cut them out and play around with how the elements of the design go together.  Playtime for jewellers!

I have shrunk the CURLY TAIL ANIMAL design and put them together in two ways.

I can see this design as a link in a heavy, chunky chain.  Or as an element of a pair of earrings.

I had imagined that the surfaced details would be shown on each half of the design, but looking at this picture, I can see that having the surface design on just one half works as well.

The next photograph can also be imagined as links in a necklace chain, or a brooch.


The next step would be to actually draw, and paint these two different designs, but as real pieces of jewellery not just details of a piece.

Most of my designs so far have not been painted as complete illustrations.  The CURLY TAIL ANIMAL pendants have not had their findings shown ie no catches have been shown in the designs.

I have looked at the sketches for the collection again and have realised that I did spend a lot of time looking at different types and patterns of CURLS.  I photographed and drew scrolls from columns and sculptures and I looked at scrolls in wrought iron designs.  It is amazing how I forget what different things I have looked at and drawn, but without realising, I use this past research in my day-to-day designing.