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DANCE TO THE RHYTHM – (I use to love Bryan Ferry until I found out he had not stopped his son, Otis, from being a fanatical animal HUNT member – big boos Ferry!).  Anyway, I must forget about bad parenting and concentrate on my design progression. I have been thinking about the RHYTHM of the design, focusing on the addition of a recurring detail to my form.  In this case, the RHYTHM has been created by the use of three gold chains curving across the piece, rhythmically following the curved main gold body of the CURLY TAIL.  Before I post the finished new design, I just wanted to go back over my sketch book and take stock of all the work I have been doing.

So I spent some time this morning reviewing all the sketch book work.  It is interesting to go back and remind myself of why I came down this design path.  The first page of my sketchbook has a beautiful photograph of the pre-Columbian Curly Tail Pendant that first sparked my ideas.  I had forgotten how quirky the pendant was and how solidly it was made.  I loved that solid form when I first started to design my collection, but since drawing many sketches I have begun to like a less chunky, more sleek and elegant form.

Here are some pages out of my sketch-book.  As you can see, I include different sources of  inspiration –  from images out of magazines to photographs and paintings.  Some sketchbooks are amazing works of art but mine is a bit more functional.

There are many, many, many more pages in my sketchbook, but unfortunately not enough room in this blog to show them all.  I always take my sketchbook to exhibitions where I am showing my work, because people just love looking through them.


I am pleased with this new design.   I think that the draping chain will not only create movement to the piece but might also create noise as well.  They would also be details which could work on a tactical level.

The stones set into the white gold collar are precious stones, in this case sapphire.  The stones would have to be extremely small and therefore would not be costly to buy.