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HARMONY – the pleasing relationship between the different elements in a well designed piece of jewellery.  I am striving to achieve this harmony in my design today.  There has to be unification of each aspect in the fabricated piece and an integration.    Although these are terms used to describe good design they are also terms which describe a well-rounded existence.  HARMONY, UNIFICATION AND INTEGRATION.  These words seem to work well in all areas of my life – my working life ie the jewellery collections I design and my personal life, my relationship with the people sharing my life.

OK so back to the newly harmonised CURLY TAIL ANIMAL DESIGN.

This new design is definitely more DECORATIVE than the previous design.  It has granulated ball elements around the head and down part of the back, it also has a white gold inlaid design on the face.  There is a pink diamond stone set into the eye area.  As you might be able to see from the illustration, the gold metal has been given a ‘HAND BEATEN” finish.  This is achieved by hand hammering the gold.  I think that this “hand beaten” surface design will make the piece more tactile and make it look old and well-worn, like an ancient artefact.  The CURLY TAIL ANIMAL  is hung on a fine gold chain and the piece is actually a smaller overall design that the previous ones.  I envisage this piece being at the chest area, rather than hanging lower down on the body.  I can also see the piece being made to a much smaller scale and being worn as a fine, small necklace close to the base of the neck.