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A beautiful SUNNY day, needs a beautiful sunny picture. So here is mine.  That’s it – nothing more or nothing less!

After a weekend of such terrible news, tragedy in Norway and Amy Winehouse dying, it is ironic to finally have such a lovely Sunday.  It would have been very foolish to stay inside and design my jewellery today – so I didn’t.  I had a cycle ride around the park and sat in the garden.

Daylight until 8.30 pm, we are honoured today!  So, I have finally sat down and worked on the next step of the CURLY TAIL ANIMAL design.  Not much of a difference in today’s design from yesterday’s design, but even a slight variation can make a huge difference.  I need to progress further tomorrow, hope that it is not too sunny or I will get nowhere.

I am not going to post my design today because it is not finished so I am going to post some photographs.

I called this one “Wash Day Blues”

  This is a photograph of the cliffs by West Bay in Dorset.

The last photograph is one of three little white boats in the harbour at West Bay.

Back to jewellery design tomorrow.