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CURLY TAIL ANIMALS  ARE REVIVED TODAY in the form of my detailed illustrations.  I have found time on this greyish, non-sunny, Saturday to finish the work that I should have done yesterday.


I wanted to expand the tail design to more than just a plain curl feature.  This tail would be photoetched and oxidised.  I have coupled this oxidised tail with a “crocodile-like” head.  THEY DO NOT WORK TOGETHER.  

Why do they not work together?  I think the head is too “horizontal” and maybe too narrow, which throws the proportion of head to tail.  I would like to try the tail with a different head.  I think I will photocopy the heads and tails and put them together in different combinations, like that game I used to play when I was younger.  The game where you put different heads onto different bodies.


This is a better, flowing design, which seems to work together as a whole piece.  I have set it with emeralds.  The beak feature might be too curled and sharp.

THESE ARE ALL 3D PIECES – although they seem to be flat, it is only because I am not very good at drawing.  All these designs are to make a 3D object.

I will have to decide the method to make the designs and am already playing with the idea of a chased and repousse head design (two halves soldered together).  This hollow head would sit on the curly body.  Maybe I could make the complete piece from two hollow halves soldered together.

THIS BRINGS INTO FOCUS THE MATTER OF WEIGHT IN A PIECE OF JEWELLERY.  Do I want a light weight to my design?  If the piece is LIGHT in weight, will it make the pendant seem CHEAP and of SMALLER VALUE?  If a weightier design is created – will the weight make the piece seem more luxurious or will it just be too cumbersome to wear because it will be too heavy?

So, as much as I am just trying to be open and free with my design ideas, I am referring to the construction method that each design will require – but I am trying not to let the practical aspects of making dictate what I design and draw.  If I draw something that I like, whatever it is, I WILL FIND A NEAT WAY TO MAKE IT – I WILL HONEST!