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I needed a break from designing pieces of jewellery with a lion theme – so I have decided to revisit the CURLY TAIL ANIMAL concept again.  I am still mega keen on this line of jewellery but need to move away from my initial ideas and try to expand the design.  Even if I go back to the original idea at the end of all my design exploration, at least I have strived to see if any improvements can be made.

Was there a big yellow thing in the sky once upon a time?  I am sure there was at some point in the past, but in London we have not seen that big yellow thing for such a long time!   That makes taking photos difficult, especially in the evenings, which should be light until about 8.20pm, but in fact are a dim grey from about 6pm.  So, I am constantly rushing my designs before the available light disappears, so that I can photograph them clearly.  Anyway I have THROWN IN THE TOWEL today – I have only got as far as the drawing stage with my design, and will not be able to photograph my rendered illustration.  At least I can post some design work today.

You have probably forgotten, but the inspiration for these pieces comes from ancient artefacts from the pre-Columbian era, especially the gold pieces which are so beautifully crafted and well-preserved.

I decided to change the CURLY TAIL ANIMAL tail design, to make it bigger .  This changes the piece from a simple, slim -lined creation to a more chunky line.  I have also set stones in the curved line of the piece, which will also make the piece much more decorative and detailed.  Will post the painted design tomorrow when that big yellow thing in the sky appears (if it does!).