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I KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BE IN CHAINS (regards Depeche Mode)

I thought I would do this while my gouache rendering is  drying.  I wanted to put my lion in a more contemporary pendant design so have worked hard for the whole day trying out different ideas.  The piece is about STRENGTH – power of the lion incorporated with other features that suggest power and strength to me.  I have researched different shapes of chain links, because I think that each link of a thick metal chain is very strong.  Each link has to be strong in its own right, otherwise the chain will fail.  Therefore I went through all my chain photographs to see if there was a picture of a metal link that would compliment my design.  I am a BIG CHAIN FREAK!!!  No, not like that – but I just love rusty chains, chain rings and fixings.  I have tons of chain photographs in my inspiration library.

I absolutely love the chain shown in the second photograph.  I have always wanted to use it in a collection and now I can!  Well, a slight variation of the chain link anyway.  I have shown a front view of my lion pendant design and also a side view of part of the design – just to remind me that there is a “spoke”  jutting out of the front of the top section of the pendant.  I have rendered the drawing in silver metal and I have set bright blue sapphires in the piece.  The back of the design is FLAT.  I think that it would sit better against the body with a flat back.  Now, I have just got to wait for the sun to come back so that I can take a photograph of my painting.  (It is July and the sun seems to be unwilling to come out and give England any summer at all!).


I always review every design and this one is no different.   Sometimes it is very painful – because in my head I have seen what I thought would be a wonderful piece of jewellery and then I see it painted and I think – OH DEAR, what a waste of valuable time.  But I should be more positive  – every design, every painting, every review is that step nearer to a FANTASTIC DESIGN.

I like the biker chic tone to this jewellery design.  It certainly has a more contemporary look than the Lion and Fennel design, which was more traditional.    I like the top half of the pendant drop, as it looks like a cross form, which still seems to be a contemporary jewellery look.  Also, the forward spike, which is not drawn very well on my design, gives it a “groovy – rock and roll” edge.  The sapphires look good – well-balanced and beautiful.  I am very unsure about the proportion of the top “cross” part on the design and the lion part.  I will have to draw the design with different scales etc.