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I have been busy trying to design and draw my pendant and have almost forgotten to go out and try to get more INSPIRATION for my inspiration library.  It is so important to keep that library going, because every image is a step towards that one amazing idea and design.  As I have previously said, I live very near to Hampton Court Palace, London, England.  This is, as you can imagine, a deep well of inspiration.

  • Beautiful gardens, formal and informal
  • Water, ponds, fountains
  • architecture
  • sculpture and carvings
  • tapestries and textiles
  • historical features

I spent a few hours yesterday looking at historic graffiti carving around the palace.  It is absolutely fascinating.  You can imagine bored young men waiting around the bottom of this grand staircase,  passing their time scraping their name in the stone steps.

This is a beautiful piece of carving from 1779. I have previously tried to do research on the carved graffiti names around Hampton Court but to no avail.  I hope, one day, to design a collection of contemporary jewellery based on old and modern graffiti.  It would give me great pleasure to further preserve the memories of these people.

A mixture of modern and old graffiti – cool idea!