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I have spent today working on the lion pendant.   The symbolic meaning of a lion is STRENGTH, FEARLESSNESS, COURAGE, POWER.  I am going to design a piece that epitomizes the quality of STRENGTH.   Also, I found out that in the field of alchemy, the symbolic meaning of Strength is associated with gold.  So I have decided to make the pendant out of gold.  Thinking about what else makes me think of strength and a thick metal chain came to mind.  I thought that an oval link shape in my design suggested strength.  I wanted to add a softer detail, and so I researched which flower represented Strength and found that it was FENNEL.  So the piece is based on a lion, fennel, and an oval chain link.

Obviously, I have to review the design and am thinking that the lion detail is probably too large.  So I will repeat the illustration but with a smaller lion detail.  I will also draw a different design with two lions in it.   This illustration is a good base point start to develop the design further.  Also note, that the bale of the pendant drop is actually designed from the layers of a fennel bulb.

I have to decide exactly how I am going to make this pendant.  I will pay particular attention to how I am going to make the little fennel flowers.

I thought that I would use very small round silver shapes and use yellow silk thread sewn around the edges.  I had thought that I would put silver balls in the centre of the fennel discs, but after drawing the piece to scale have realised that the centre of the fennel buds will be too small for granulation.  Maybe I will use orange thread in the centre.