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Rapidly moving forward in time, leaving the work of that young naive jeweller behind, I have been working on my stylised lion pendant.  Even though I have an idea of what materials I might use to make the piece, I am trying to forget those and just concentrate on my design. This is a wise move, because if I think about the practical aspects involved in making at this very early stage, it might restrict what I design.


My first design only uses the lion detail once , although my intention had been to use two lions.  I researched the symbolic meanings of the lion, which are courage, power, fearlessness and strength.  I also really liked the idea of contrasting a delicate flower idea with the strong lion, so I found out that the herb fennel also represented strength.  Therefore my design combines the lion and the tiny bud flowers of the fennel plant.  Also, GOLD was the symbol of strength in metallurgy.  So hope to be able to make the pendant of gold – expensive now though!

Tomorrow I will play around with different designs and paint one or two.  I am thinking of using yellow silk thread to make the little fennel flower buds.  Just a first thought on this initial design – it is not very contemporary.  Still, I can work on this.