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A great contemporary urban artist called Charming Baker is showing and selling his work in a show called EVERYTHING MUST GO,  in Covent Garden.  I love his work so much that I have just bought a limited edition, signed print of one of his paintings.  I am very excited about owning a print from this innovative and skilled artist.

Info below taken from his blog page

“It’s Show Time! (Quite literally).

My new  show opens in London on July 8th. It’s in an old banana warehouse – smell it! – in Covent Garden. Along with the new paintings there will be a collection of bronze busts and the genius ink monkeys at Jealous Gallery will be setting up camp on site to sell six new limited edition Charming Baker prints. Jealous will also be doing live printing sessions at the weekend. The show runs from 8- 31st July from 11am-7pm daily. The address is 16 Mercer Street, London WC2 0HQ. The nearest tube station is Covent Garden. Click here for a location map”

PAGES FROM HIS SKETCHBOOK are displayed  in his fantastic website http://charmingbaker.com and it is always such a rewarding pleasure to be given a glimpse of an artist’s sketchbook because they are always so interesting and inspirational.