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It has just struck me that I have not shown any of my jewellery for a few posts so I have dug out a photograph of these three brooches. They were from a collection called NO-ONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM.  Sorry the photograph is not very good but it was taken a few years ago when I was just a jewellery making virgin.  These are actually made with silver, gold, enamel and perspex.  I was proud of them at the time but looking at them now, they could do with quite a few improvements.  Still it is always good to look back and see exactly how far you have travelled.  Which, looking at these brooches,  is the M6 motorway!NO-ONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM.

I was totally obsessed with combining perspex, precious metal and enamel in a contemporary way.   At the time, enamel was not very popular in contemporary jewellery, so I was quite innovative.  Now, though, enamel is used a lot in modern work to make great pieces and perspex is old news.  Jewellers use a diverse range of unusual material to make their contemporary pieces, for example HORSEHAIR.  I am amazed by how many people make jewellery out of this material.  Of course, it is not just about using unusual material – there has still got to be a BRILLIANT DESIGN which uses the material in the best way possible.


So analysing my NO-ONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM pieces – that is where I went wrong.  I was just obsessed by the materials I wanted to use and I did not spend much time thinking about the DESIGN.  Ah the folly of youth.