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A STYLISED LION  has been the aim for my design work  this afternoon.  At the moment it is still in the rough drawing stage, but already it has sparked off many ideas for pendant designs.  I would like to produce a contemporary jewellery design, one that maybe uses traditional metals combined with a less traditional material.  I have worked with perspex before, using gold foil fused into layers of it.  I have friends who are talented ceramicists and would love to use porcelain, mixed with my silver or gold.  So, the next step will be – oh no she didn’t – DRAWING DRAWING DRAWING PAINTING PAINTING PAINTING. I can imagine two of these LIONS, facing away from each other, at the feet of a form made with contemporary material.  Or the LIONS could be the base of another form. Like two feet supporting this CONTEMPORARY FORM (whatever it may be?!)


So now I definitely have got a grand lion that will be the spark for loads of design ideas.