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Still waiting for summer to arrive here in Thames Ditton.  Cycling around the park is not as enjoyable when the weather is grey and cloudy.  I suppose I should look on this pathetic weather as a blessing, because if it had been warm and sunny I would probably not be painting as much as I am.  On the other hand, I would be out and about more, and would be taking more photographs.  Ah well!!

This was part of my vegetable garden LAST YEAR.  Had amazing veg growing LAST YEAR.  But this year my veg is terrible, which is a shame.

Anyway – back to JEWELLERY.   So no veg but at least I am being productive in the drawing arena.  I have been working on the lion earring design.  I have drawn and rendered the design below but am not happy with it.  WHY?

I am unhappy with the design of the above earring because

1   There is no abstraction to the lion design.  It just looks like a lion!

2   There is not any humour to the design.  It is too “classical” a design.

3   There is not any colour in the piece.  I do like to include colour, in the form of stones, textiles or threads/silks.  If I have time, I will paint another design, with coloured thread shown in the illustration and stones set in the piece.

4   The design is too fussy and detailed – I think that I prefer a simpler, more minimalist design.

Analysing why I am not happy with a design will help me to get to a ‘GOOD PLACE”.  The Nirvana of Jewellery Designers – knowing why you like your design, being able to talk with confidence about your design and what has influenced you in making the design.   If you are not completely happy with your design and do not feel that the finished piece has  worth, then you will not be able to talk with confidence about your work to gallery owners and potential customers.  Jewellers get to the ‘GOOD PLACE’ by looking at what contemporary makers are producing, seeing lots of exhibitions, designing your own pieces and analysing what you think about what you see and what you make in your own work.

So tomorrow the “NOT SO DANDY-LION’  with be turned into a ‘GRANDY-LION”.  (I hope!)