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It is so exciting to actually get down to real work at last.  Having time and space just to sit down and draw is so precious and I grabbed every second of the free time that I had today. No LION about in the sun.  (Well, it wasn’t sunny anyway!)


It is incredible how quickly I become absorbed by the focus of my research.   When I have made a decision about what I am going to use as inspiration for my designs, I always find the first few drawings very difficult, and, because of this, begin to wonder if I have made the right inspiration choice.  Happily, after a few sessions of closely observing my subject and researching around it, I begin to become absorbed by it.  Suddenly, I am struggling to draw all the ideas that are firing around my head.  If this is the case, then I will just write these ideas down as a list.  I can always come back and draw some of these ideas when I have time.

So I am beginning to work on Lion Earring Design.  I  began by finding photographs of lion sculptures with rings in their mouths and I drew the ones that I found appealing.

I drew the lion below, just to get used to the way a lion’s face is shaped and detailed.  Even if I am going to create a stylised version of a lion, it is still very useful to draw a life-like lion, as it enables you to notice little details which although seem minor, when they are all put together are actually the very essence of the lion.