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If you are short of time, which I am at the moment, the best place to get some INSTANT INSPIRATION is from books.  The best book that I have got for instant inspiration is “4,000 Animal, Bird & Fish Motifs” A sourcebook by Graham Leslie McCallum.  It is a book full of copyright-free images which can be “photocopied, enlarged or traced for design work in any creative field”

There is a series of these books, covering plants and flowers and patterns.  So if you are too short of time to visit a museum to see original patterns and designs you can flick through one of these books and see a wonderful collection of motifs taken directly from historical objects.

The image above comes from the book and I was pleasantly surprised when I found this, because it shows details of objects that I am going to be designing my jewellery collection around.  So, it just goes to show, that I should look through all of my books as often as I can, because if I hadn’t been writing this post, I would have missed a valuable source of inspiration.