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Just a brief heads up about the current exhibition at The Wallace Collection in London, (details below.) by the wonderful  Artist Goldsmith, Dr Kevin Coates.  The Wallace Collection webpage says:-

” Frequently described as an alchemist and a Renaissance man, Coates’ pieces can be found in a diverse and impressive range of public and private collections, including 10 Downing Street, Lichfield Cathedral, the V&A and the National Museum of Scotland.”

He combines being a goldsmith, sculptor, painter, musician, geometer, and scholar.   He has taken INSPIRATION from the Wallace Collection, especially from Gothic armour, Maiolica, a Meissen ewer, Boulle furniture, and paintings by Rembrandt, Flinck, Canaletto, Van Loo and Lancret.

I have taken the following from http://mobilia-gallery.com/artists/kcoates/ web page.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take the time to look at the work that this GENIUS makes.  Not only are his illustrations AMAZING but his completed pieces are incredible.  They are different, exciting and the work of a true master craftsman.

Kevin Coates “I approach all my output with what I see as the spirit of the jewel, whether it is to be worn, to be held and used, or placed on a table. It is the mental approach of the Goldsmith, one catholic in technique, and omnivorous of material. The opportunity and ability to work through the deep treasury of precious gems, minerals, and metals is an enormous privilege, and, at times, a true confrontation with ‘prima materia’ – with the very elements of Creation. This extensive ‘palette of absolutes’ is something to which I am constantly drawn, to express the ideas that continue to haunt the different stratas of my mind: a search for the music within the silence, the movement within the stillness, and the eternal moment within the relentless dynamic of time. It is always a pursuit of the metaphor which will first ‘connect’, then enshrine, the meaning to provoke that essential journey of response in others – and like that of the alchemist, it is a quest for the transcendental, one where the Stone’s achievement lies in the ensoulment of the object itself.”


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