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I have been drawing and designing for most of the day and have rendered one illustration.  I have designed a 2D piece first, just because I have loved the “golden, horned animals” shown in the last blog, for ages.  As you can see I have taken the elements of the original design that I like the best and have adapted them for my lion.  This inspiration has taken my lion design to a place that I would not have even thought of.  I have created a stylised lion, with a straight back and an exaggerated curve between the front and back legs.  I like the finished design and am rather pleased with it.  The next step would be to again photocopy the original drawing, which, if you remember, I do on tracing paper and then add small jewels to the design, or granulation.  I can paint another photocopy so that it represents a design made from silver.   There are many variations that can be achieved from the original drawing.  I am exhausted now, after close concentration for many hours and so, as the title of the post says, the Lion will soon sleep tonight.