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So, how do I develop the lion design?  Firstly, I do a google image search and see the different pictures, photographs and drawings out there – all good inspiration.  Working with “copyright free” images is great if possible, because then you can actually use the exact image.  Chestofbooks.com is a good website for older drawings and images.

The picture of the lion comes from the Chest of Books site and is perfect for my designs.  I can use the image as it is without risk of breaking copyright.

The next picture is the wood carving that the lion was a sketch for.  It’s great to see the actual drawing design and also the finished piece of work that it created.

I am debating whether to create a 3D necklace drop, in a lion design, or a 2D design.  This is a decision that I will probably make after getting to the actual colour rendering stage.  I can picture both of them in my head and they both have different pleasing aspects.

The above photograph is an inspiration for my 2D Lion design.  There is a really pleasing simplicity to these forms – yet they are not minimalist or stark.  I love the naive slightly hand beaten look about them and I can imagine that they sit really nicely across the chest due to the wide, flat top of the animal’s back.  A 3D Lion design would be more tactile, perhaps more suited to younger people than the above 2D design.

So the drawing process gets going again.