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Lions – yes Lions.

I am taking the “Lion” as inspiration for a new collection.  It is a collection which I envisage coming to fruition in 2013, two years away.  This is quite a long lead time, which gives me PLENTY of time to experiment – draw – research and illustrate.

The LION.  King of Beasts.  Symbol of courage, strength, bravery, wealth, balance, royalty.

The first research that I have undertaken is on the TREND FORECASTS for 2013.


The forecasting sites which I could use (without paying huge amounts of money) are predicting that a big influence on fashion and culture will be AFRICA.  Contained within the African prediction was the view that African emblematic wild animals will also be a huge design trend, along with chunky wooden jewellery, safari animals and tribal masks.  Another influence in 2013 will be South Korea and their technological, futuristic advancements.  The third big influence predicted was Arabic tradition, ornate designs inspired by Islamic Tiling and geometrical patterns influenced by Islamic Design.

But I was ecstatic about the African prediction, especially the fact that African Animals are going to be BIG in 2013.  I had really wanted to base this collection on animals and it is great to think that if this Trend Forecast turns out to be correct, my collection will be BANG ON TREND.

So the first drawings begin.  The name of my blog is CURLY TAIL ANIMALS and it is based on the idea of animal jewellery with curly tails.  Archeologists have found a particular type of neckpiece in the Panama region – and they have named them CURLY TAIL PENDANTS.  I love them so much.  They are naïve, cute, chunky, tactile and very wearable.  I wanted to base my designs around those.

So I have  begun the initial drawing process.  Just brief sketches putting down on paper things that I have thought about.

Here is a basic, curly tail LION.

Another basic curly tail lion.

More ideas just quickly jotted down.

All in all I am very pleased with these initial rough sketches.  The development of each piece is much more interesting than I thought would be possible when I started the first lion drawing.  Next step – more drawings and then choosing the ones I like and working on those.  Very exciting.