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 BREAKING NEWS – Hi just got information that Grayson Perry is curating an exhibition at the British Museum beginning October 6th 2011.  This is a must for anyone looking for inspiration of a figurative, narrative aspect.  Many jewellers tell stories with their work and no-one tells a better contemporary craft narrative than Grayson.  Tickets on sale NOW.

Grayson Perry

“The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman”

6th October 2011 to 19 February 2012

The British Museum London

More details on the British Museum Website


Grayson is not a stranger to the world of jewellery design and has created jewellery pieces.  Here is a photograph of work that he sells (or sold) at the V&A museum.  Artists in the contemporary crafts world are increasingly working in different media although most specialise in one in particular.  Obviously Grayson Perry is a brilliant (my favourite) ceramicist but obviously as a skilled designer, can design stunning jewellery pieces as well.