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At last, new inspiration source today.  I have managed a quick trip to RHS Wisley, which, as it happens is just down the road from where I live.  Actually – I have lots of brilliant sources of inspiration “just down the road” from where I live.  Hampton Court Palace, The River Thames, Centre of London just half an hour by train (and I only live 1 minute from the railway station).

RHS Wisley is beautiful and obviously a garden lover’s, photographer’s and artist’s dream.  I go there often – but, try as I might, I just can’t get inspiration from all the flowers, plants and trees that are grown there.  Walking around there today I think I have realised why.  I think it is because everything there is so beautiful, so perfectly formed, so colourful.  Everything has a fluidity and the flowers and plants are constantly changing because of time, the weather, the wind.  I CAN’T CREATE SOMETHING OUT OF METAL THAT CAN MATCH this beauty, fluidity, state of flux  and natural existence.  Anyway, because everyone is inspired by different things I thought it would be unfair not to include inspiration, just because it doesn’t do much for me.  The cactus in the picture could easier be inspiration for a contemporary piece of jewellery created from textiles and silver metal.   I am very sorry, but I don’t know the name of the green and red flower – but I can see the form of the flower working very well as a pendant drop or earrings.  It was growing in a greenhouse building. The  picture of the dried fern leaves also inspires me – especially for my curly tails project that I am going to be working on very soon.


Anyway – here are just a few photographs for today’s inspiration.  I will work on some drawings later today but need to start work on the “Curly Tail Animals” designs as soon as I can.