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Am typing with one finger in a bandage as I cut a big chunk out of it while working this morning.  Anyway – I will soldier on.  The next step is to paint the photocopied  image on the Gun Metal paper.  I decided to make the earring out of silver, therefore I have used PERMANENT WHITE GOUACHE.  Like painting with watercolours, I start off with a very diluted white wash and paint the first layer, then when that layer is dry, I build up white layers.  Think about light and shade while painting the image.  The light is always coming from the left hand corner.  To make the image sparkle and pop make sure that you get to a very deep white at the points on the piece where the light would be hitting it.  I used a red gouache for the ruby stones.

When the paint is completely dry you can go over the outline with a sharp, hard pencil to give definition.  So now the earring is designed.  The last touch is the painting of a little white cross on the piece – this is the sparkle of the metal.

Here is a photograph of the finished design.  Don’t forget that this was inspired by a railway bridge near to where I live!