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Well, have just got back from New Designers, Islington.  This is an annual exhibition, open to members of the public, showcasing the work of new craft and design graduates.  As usual the display of work was OUT OF THIS WORLD.  The standard and variety of jewellery and silversmithing is so great, that it is almost overwhelming.  It is certainly worth a whole days visit.  All the graduates are keen to discuss their work with visitors,  which makes it not only visually stimulating but also a great learning experience.   Here are a few graduates whose work appealed to me.  Rose Ashley, http://www.roseashley.co.uk, had created very detailed, miniature pieces of jewellery with a fantasy theme.  Each sculptural piece of jewellery comes from her own world of imagination.  Nicola Roberson, from Middlesex University, http://www.nicolaroberson.co.uk has used the traditional skill of enamelling in a contemporary and colourful way.  She has taken photographs of rusty metal and peeling paint and used enamel to create a small fragment of each photograph.  I must also mention two jewellery graduates from Central Saint  Martins.  Conceptual pieces came from Yenz Lin, http://www.YenzLin.com, who created 3D, sculptural, white pieces,  which from one angle appear to be a random assortment of  shapes, but when viewed from a different angle come together to create a crown and a ring.  Very clever indeed.  As Yenz says “An object, interpreted from different points of view, can inspire different perceptions.”

Rose Ashley, photograph from http://www.roseashley.co.uk








PIp Jolley has used a 1950s styled theme for her pieces, a collection with humour but also great technical skills.  Quoting Coco Chanel “I don’t know how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little- if only out of politeness”, Pip has created metal curlers, hairnets, and other beauty products, all packaged in original styled packaging.  This kitsch, humorous style examines the strange rituals based around society’s view of the ideal woman.





Photograph from http://www.pipjolley.com