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INSPIRATION FROM JUST OUTSIDE OF YOUR HOUSE – Brief recap – went for walk near to where I live, took photos, then made rough sketches.

Now, I like to do some more sketches.  You might be able to see that they are on tracing paper and I will explain this aspect of designing in future blogs.

I used the curved pipe aspects of the photographs and also the “greenery”, which I have translated into wire work filigree.  Also you can see the vertical pipes from the photographs in the design.  Anyway, one design is nowhere near enough.   I need to get lots of ideas down on paper.  I might have designs in my head, but it is only when they are down on paper that I can start to see how they might work as pieces of jewellery.  So, I worked on some more designs.

The design on the left is more organic and the design below is more geometrical.  I was pleased enough with the designs but not over-happy.  How do you describe what is not right with a design, sometimes it just does not look “right”!

So the next step is to do more drawing.  I tend to find aspects of

my inspiration that I seem to put into all the first drawings – in this case I seem to be putting in the four vertical pipes and the curved horizontal bars.  I also am including the “greenery” organic aspect into my designs.

Here, in this design, I have stripped the photograph back to its bare bones – although it doesn’t look like the above illustrations,  it all comes from the same inspiration.  The design on the left looked like a “guitar” which I did not like so I drew it again without the four downpipe details.

Great – I am liking this design now.  Further work will be needed and I will start to think about more detailed drawing of the piece.