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In the constant quest for new inspiration I am going away this weekend to Inspiration Heaven.  No, not really!  Well, I am going away for the weekend to Inspiration Heaven, but not just to satisfy this constant hunger for inspiration, just for a weekend away.  Of course I will have my camera hanging around my neck at all times.  (Maybe I should design a camera pendant!).

Inspiration Heaven, is actually the Jurassic Coast in Dorset.  We stay in a small harbour village nestled in the imposing cliffs, a place called West Bay.  I am hoping to photograph organic objects on the seashore, cliffs, countryside walks and man-made objects, especially relating to the harbour and boats.  Of course, with a sharp eye, anything can be observed and great inspiration can be found. 

The photograph on the left is from a previous visit to the harbour.  I can  imagine this transferred into a pendant drop, ring or brooch.

Anyway, will be working on yesterday’s illustrations today, in between cleaning and packing.  I did some work last night, but I was not very happy with them.  Still, it will be good to have a look at them and see why they do not seem to work.